Thursday, January 20, 2011

Proof That Stewie Is A Card-Carrying Member of AAA

Tow Truck Driver (Canadian): Oh hey there. You’re having some car trouble, eh?

Stewie: Yeah, we’re trying to get to the North Pole. I don’t suppose you’re from Triple A are you?

Outside Voice (distractingly): OK, hold on one second . . .

Tow Truck Driver: Huh?

Stewie: Triple A. You know. A-A-A

Tow Truck Driver: Oh. AA, eh? Hey, I just came from AA.

Stewie: No, not AA. A-A-A.

Tow Truck Driver: Yeah, that’s what I said. AA, eh?

Stewie: Oh, so you are with Triple A?

Tow Truck Driver: Oh no, that’s A-A-A. I just came from AA, eh?

Stewie: Huh?

Brian (the dog): Stewie, I think he’s just a drunk.

Stewie: Well drunk or not, can you help us?

Tow Truck Driver: I can if you want to join AA, eh?

Stewie: No, I’m already a member of AAA. I need help with the car.

Tow Truck Driver: Oh, I see. It looks like you’ve got some water leakage. You might need a hose, eh?

Stewie: Jose, Roberto, whatever. If you work with some Latinos that can fix a car, that’d be great!

Tow Truck Driver: No, I mean it looks like you need a part, eh?

Stewie: Well, yeah, when it’s fixed we can celebrate. . . but let’s deal with first things first.

Tow Truck Driver: Well I can probably take you to a gas station, eh. Do you have cash, eh?

Stewie: Well, I dunno. My name carries a little weight. . . but I don’t see how that matters here.

Brian: Look, we don’t have enough cash to fix the car. We’re kind of on our way to the North Pole.

Tow Truck Driver: Oh, a car won’t take you there anyway. But if you like, you can take my snowmobiles.

Brian: Really? You’d just give it to us?

Tow Truck Driver: Oh sure, that’s what Canadian hospitality is all about. If you like, you can have all my money and my leg.

Stewie: OK

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