Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remember The Sales Funnel?

My buddy Kyle posted a good question on LinkedIn a couple of days ago and I just posted my answer today.

I thought I'd share it here since the question was thought-provoking and my answer was extraordinary. . . (Wait- I was told that shameless self-promotion was why blogs were created in the first place . . . right?)

So here's the question:

What online marketing tactics will you use most for the remainder of 2009?
Search Engine Optimization / Paid Search Marketing (PPC) / Email Marketing / Social Media / Blogging / Online Display Ads / Mobile Advertising / Webinars / Podcasts

And here's my answer:

It shouldn't surprise anyone that my answer will be: Online Display Ads !!!

(full disclosure: I sell display advertising for Charlotte's leading local website:

Maybe I'm just an "old skool" marketing nerd -- but I still believe wholeheartedly in the SALES FUNNEL. . . (remembered easily by the acronym AIDA) as:

1) ATTENTION (nothing happens until you get the consumer's attention)

2) INTEREST (capture their interest and they're willing to learn more)

3) DESIRE (they now know about you - but do they WANT you?)

4) ACTION (is the desire great enough to motivate them to "do something"?)

So it is my personal belief that the other tactics you mention come later / after you've gotten their attention.

For example: why would anyone ever google the word "snuggie" if they had never heard of it?

The search engine piece comes (imo) at the very bottom of the funnel - after the consumer has decided "I'm ready to do something about this desire . . . help me find a vendor (and fast!)"

To put those tactics in order (according to where I'd place them as the consumer moves along the sales funnel) I'd suggest: Online Display Ads / Mobile Ads / Social Media / Email Marketing / Blogging / Podcasts / Webinars / SEO and PPC.

No one is going to give you a moment's notice with your podcast or attend your webinar if you haven't already gotten their ATTENTION and earned their INTEREST.

What you say in your blog / podcast / webinar is hopefully something persuasive that will hatch the DESIRE in the consumer to take the ultimate ACTION that you are marketing (whether to buy a product or believe that a candidate is worth your vote, etc.)


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