Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seeking Savvy Servers (Upscale Charlotte Restaurant)

Hi All -

One of the things that I'm (surprisingly) very good at is connecting good people to good jobs. I've had a half dozen recent successes and it feels like a great way to give back to my professional network too.

Today I rec'd an email from a friend who owns an upscale Charlotte restaurant. I won't give away too much here (because I'm sure she doesn't want her competition to know how well she is doing), but if you know of an educated, polished, food and beverage person - tell them to email me for the details at and to use the SUBJECT LINE: SAVVY SERVER so I'll know it's about this opportunity.

Here's a little bit more about the opening(s):

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you have met our brand new corporate relations manager, XYZ by now!
His job has been to keep us filled up with corporate business…we did not anticipate such a huge success, so quick!

We are now scrambling to find, hire and train qualified servers for lunch and dinner shifts at XXX
(Our current service staff is earning over 50K based on 3 lunches and 5 dinners…most make more)

Minimum qualifications include verbal and written communication skills, passing background and drug test and a very rigorous interview process.

(we do not want any cry babies, whiners, complainers or trouble-makers…I fill those positions myself and thru nepotism)

Seriously though…we are in need.  If you can refer anyone, please direct them to me via telephone or email.
Please make sure they let us know who recommended them, so I can reciprocate!


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