Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Enough with the Excuses . . .

One of the things I'm really (really) good at doing is justifying my actions.

This handy little crutch allows me to dodge any guilt associated with how I've been spending my time (ie: exploring this rabbit hole known as the world-wide-web under the banner of "getting ideas", reading magazine articles I'm not really interested in just so I can feel satisfied that I've really read the whole mag before I recycle it, cleaning tiny bits of lint out of the back of my hairdryer's intake filter so it doesn't overheat, break down, or make leave a smoke smell in the air when I'm using it.)
Well, I've been just as prolific thinking of reasons NOT to do more blogging and frankly, it'd be waaaay more productive to just type them here and call it a blog post.

But that's a post for another day because another one of the things I'm pretty darned good at is sharing awesome content I've picked up and here is my new favorite:  http://www.thecreativeham.com/blog/

Click the link above for a short, witty, and dead-on step-by-step description of how to build your "book" if you want a job in advertising. Your book is basically your portfolio of your work and it's like a resume / but for graphic design folks and writers and all sorts of others in the visual arts space.

Which makes me wonder what they call the portfolio of folks who write great radio ads? An MP3 perhaps? Or a "highlight reel" if you want to share your best TV ads (or acting clips if you are a performer?)

And alas . . . this reminds me why my coworker and dear friend Debbie Benton once dubbed me as the irritatingly curious "Wonder Woman" of the office . .  . I wonder if she'll ever read this?


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