Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Personal Mission Statement - AC Finally Nails It Down

To borrow the sentiment from Carl Buechner (a German writer from the 1800's) I submit this timeless truth and inspirational observation:

"People will forget what you said and may even forget what you did. . . but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Therefore, to conclude a three-month-long self-assessment and meditational goal of articulating a Personal Mission Statement, I am proud to offer the following tune for my heartstrings to whistle upon as I journey throughout my days:


WHO: Adrienne Michelle Craighead

WHAT: Endeavor to shine some of the Universe's "abundant radiance" on everyone you encounter.

WHEN: Carpe Diem ~ Aujourd'hui ~ Como Siempre *International Inclination is Intentional :-). It means, "Seize the Day" (Latin) ~ "Today" (French), "Always" (Spanish)

WHERE: Everywhere

WHY: It's my gift, my "raison d'etre", my personal reason for being.

1) Look for the Lessons
2) Share the Insights
3) Equip Others With Training and Tools
4) Foster Deeper Personal Connections
5) Promote Universal Understanding
6) Protect What's Precious
7) Live Generously

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