Monday, March 17, 2014

How Does Your Online Strategy Measure Up?

If you ask a small business owner about their digital marketing strategy, they're likely to identify with one of these three camps.

1) DIGITAL WANDERER - This is the group for those that dabble in online marketing and they represent about 30% of all business owners. They usually have a website and maybe a few social media channels, but none of them are linked to each other, employ consistent branding or messaging, and they probably haven't been updated in the last 90 days. These folks KNOW that we live in a digital age, but readily admit that they have no cohesive strategy or understanding of where to focus their time, or why.

2) DIGITAL COMPETITOR - This is where the vast majority of small and medium sized business owners find themselves (estimated 60%). They know just enough about online marketing to be convinced that they don't know enough so they often put their trust into an employee or relative (my cousin's out-of-work nephew built my website). Many times they are not even aware of their digital gaps (ie: their website is not mobile responsive, or they can't be found on Google), but wary of spending time or energy or money on fixing them as they feel that they are already handling their online marketing "well enough."

3) DIGITAL DOMINATOR - Only the top 10% of all SMBs will fall into this category. They have a strong online presence and reputation and a plan for keeping their edge over their competition. They are utilizing all the tools that make sense for their customer base and their industry and testing new channels against their "tried and true" inbound marketing on a regular basis.

Until recently, I used to focus my attention on the first two groups exclusively. . . but recently discovered that a large portion of group three needed my services as well. The reason was because they were not digitally educated enough to be able to assess how well (or poorly) their digital provider was handling their needs. In most cases, a free digital review would provide them with an objective report card on what online areas they were excelling at and where they were falling short. Additionally, if they were willing to share pricing information with me, I could identify if they were being billed fairly, or taken to the cleaners.

The good news is that it doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum of business owners using digital tools to grow their business - every company has something to gain from an initial free consultation from a representative of TorchBearer Online. And the best part is that we come to you! Click here to schedule your session today.


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