Sunday, April 27, 2014

BIG SPLASH - Support BBBS Charlotte AND Enjoy Great Wolf Lodge's Water Park!

Tickets to Big Splash 2014 will go on sale Sunday, April 27 at 6 am.This year's dates are May 4 -22. 
Click the links below to purchase your tickets. 
Week 1 - May 4 to May 9 click here

Week 2 - May 11 to May 16 click here

Week 3 - May 18 to May 22 click here

Great Wolf Lodge has been a generous supporter of BBBS by donating tickets to Big Splash to support our mission of serving youth. 100% of the proceeds goes directly to our program.
 We have no control over the number of tickets or the dates/times they are offered. Thank you for your continuing support of this family-fun event.

Date(s) you purchased are exclusively reserved for YOU
Great Wolf Lodge and BBBSGC will not be able to print tickets during the event. 
Again, BBBS receives a limited number of tickets per day for attendance to the waterpark. Once tickets are sold out, there will be no more offered. 
Please read the following list of  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
Q. What time is the waterpark open?
A. Tickets are good from 10 am-8pm during the week and from 2-8 pm on Sundays.
Q. Where do we park?
A. Great Wolf Lodge has generous free parking available on site.
Q. Can I exchange the date I purchased for another date?
     Can I get a refund?
A: Date(s) on ticket(s) you purchase especially RESERVED for YOU, so:
You MUST bring SELF-PRINTED TICKET(S) for ENTRY(No tickets will be mailed.)
Q. Will more tickets be made available?
A. Great Wolf Lodge has been generous to offer BBBSGC this EXCLUSIVE opportunity. To make sure everyone is safe, we have a set number of tickets to safely fill the venue’s capacity.
Q. Can I leave the waterpark and come back without buying another ticket?
A. Yes. You are able to leave and return during the day your ticket is valid.
Q. Why don’t you have tickets on Saturdays this year?
A. We rely on the generosity of Great Wolf Lodge for tickets to Big Splash. They were unable to offer tickets on Saturdays this year.
Q. Why are tickets priced at $19.99 during the week and $36.99 on Fridays and Sundays this year?
A. Please understand that Big Splash is a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte. This pricing structure reflects the number of tickets and the available dates. For comparison, a birthday party package at Great Wolf Lodge costs $40 a person. When you support Big Splash, you are getting a great deal AND you are also helping to change the lives of children right in our own area.
Q. Can I call Great Wolf Lodge to get more tickets?
A. No. Great Wolf Lodge has already donated all the tickets they can to BBBSGC. They are not selling any additional tickets from their location.
Q. May I go in order to supervise my child without purchasing a ticket?
A. Great Wolf Lodge's policy is that everyone must have a ticket to enter the water park.
Q. Are there any restrictions for children?
A. Great Wolf Lodge recommends that children under 48" wear a life vest, available at the water park. To maintain the safety of all guests, there are height restrictions on certain rides
Q. May I bring food?                                                                         
A. Absolutely not. Great Wolf Lodge has a variety of foods available for purchase. No outside food is allowed. If you bring any food from outside, you will be asked to leave. Visit Great Wolf Lodge  for a sneak peek of their fun facilities and refreshment options.
Q. Do I need to purchase a ticket for my two-year-old?
A. Children two and under do not need a ticket.
PLEASE NOTE: Children wearing diapers may use the pool if wearing a swim diaper. If you do not have a swim diaper, they are available for purchase at the resort's gift shop.
Q. Can I get help printing my tickets?
A. For technical issues, please call Eventbrite customer service at 1-877-297-6805. Great Wolf Lodge and Big Brothers Big Sisters cannot print tickets.
Q. Why do I see two dates on my ticket?
A. One date represents the date of purchase; the other is the attendance date.
Q. I forgot to print my tickets—can you help when I get there?
A. You MUST bring A TICKET(S) for ENTRY. BBBSGC and Great Wolf Lodge cannot print tickets during the event.
Need more help? Please e-mail with questions. We cannot accommodate phone calls to our office.
Thanks for supporting Big Splash!
This special event provides an opportunity to do something enjoyable while supporting a great cause.
Big Brothers Big Sisters' mission is to provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.