Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogging from my iPhone thru the SMS interface saves me from having to purchase data plans - but is not as easy to "format" since there is no Subject Line, etc.

Still, a nice advantage, n'est pas?

SWEET DEAL on BlogWorld Tickets (MAY 24-26 in NYC)

If you're like me, you're always looking for ways to rub shoulders with the cool kids . . . and next week's BlogWorld promises to offer the freshest cats direct off the school bus!

In case you haven't heard, BlogWorld, is a conference specifically for bloggers and social media specialists. The speaker lineup looks great this year, it includes Gary Vaynerchuk, Chris Brogan, Wendy Piersall, Jennifer James and many more.

Seriously, for those of you who are just dabbling in the blog frontier, consider attending (at this super sweet deal price offered now thu 5/24/11) and soaking up more knowledge than Stephen Hawking can regurgitate in a gazillion nano-seconds.

Here's the scoop on these super secret prices offered by my good buddies at Groupon:

Registration to 2011 BlogWorld & New Media Expo

• For $187, you get a one-day expo-and-conference pass (a $375 value).

• For $275, you get a two-day expo-and-conference pass plus party access (a $550 value).

• For $647, you get a three-day full-access expo pass plus party access, full break-area access, and social-media-summit admission (a $1,295 value).

Dates this Deal Is Active: May 18-24, 2011

ADRIENNE's Friends and Family LINK HERE *.

Feel free to share this message with Social Media folks you know (esp. if they have delayed making a firm decision on this year's BlogWorld b/c of price!)

Hasta la vista kids!


*Full disclosure / I'm an affiliate for Groupon / but I only promote the deals I would stake my reputation on / and this conference is worth every penny of retail price!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TEDx Charlotte Online Application

Here are the answers I shared on 5/10/2011 on their "apply for a ticket" web page. Gosh, I hope they pick me!

What would you like to get/give/share at TEDxCharlotte?
I believe passionately in the TED mission of "Spreading Ideas." I know in the core of my soul that every human being has meaningful gifts to share. My dream is to inspire others to share their time, treasure and talent more generously. Not in a philosophical way - but in a real-world practical way. Not next year or sometime in the future; but this year, starting right now.

What dream would you like to see come true?
My dream is to give people the:

1) knowledge
2) tools
3) inspiration, and
4) motivation
to share their unique gifts with the world.
My vision spreads in the fertile soil of the world-wide-web and is amplified by social media "rocket-fuel-fertilizer." It gains momentum through speaking engagements, blogging, and online tutorials that teach OTHERS practical ways to start sharing their gifts through the use of free, easy-to-learn and access, online platforms.

With what groups, networks and communities are you connected and would like to share ideas and ultimately see dream bigger? (100 word limit)
Because I treasure personal connections and never discard a relationship, I've got worldwide friends from all walks of life. The LinkedIn Network Stats for today reflect over 500 connections (no, I don't link with people I haven't met in real life) and 4,746,900+ tangential points. Then there's work, neighborhood, kids' school, book club, bunko, my triiibe, friends and family circles. . .

I believe the differentiating factor for me is that I've cultivated a network of allies I can count on when it's time to do the work. I never ask a favor without giving something first.

Imagine you can travel back in time...what advice would you give to your 11 year-old self? (100 word limit)
Perfect timing TEDxCharlotte! I recently finished crafting my "Personal Mission Statement" (the culmination of the 7-Habits Covey workshop.) Though there is not room to share it completely here (there are pictures, etc.)

I will share that it is based upon a timeless truth that inspires me every day: "People will forget what you said and may even forget what you did. . . but they will never forget how you made them feel."
I would say: Adrienne, meditate on that quote until it resonates in your heart-strings. Then whistle that tune as you walk through the world.

Practical Details in case you are interested in applying too:

TEDxCharlotte 2011 RegistrationIn order to attend TEDxCharlotte 2011 you must fill out this form. Fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) are required. Your personal information will not be seen by the team that reviews applications for acceptance to attend TEDxCharlotte so where you work, what you do or your title will not influence the outcome.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application has been submitted. We’ll notify you on or before August 20th BY EMAIL if your application was accepted.

Thanks for your interest in TEDxCharlotte!

Thank you for your interest in TEDxCharlotte and for taking the time to apply to attend the event on October 15th, 2011. Your application has been received and will be reviewed shortly.

Personal Mission Statement - AC Finally Nails It Down

To borrow the sentiment from Carl Buechner (a German writer from the 1800's) I submit this timeless truth and inspirational observation:

"People will forget what you said and may even forget what you did. . . but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Therefore, to conclude a three-month-long self-assessment and meditational goal of articulating a Personal Mission Statement, I am proud to offer the following tune for my heartstrings to whistle upon as I journey throughout my days:


WHO: Adrienne Michelle Craighead

WHAT: Endeavor to shine some of the Universe's "abundant radiance" on everyone you encounter.

WHEN: Carpe Diem ~ Aujourd'hui ~ Como Siempre *International Inclination is Intentional :-). It means, "Seize the Day" (Latin) ~ "Today" (French), "Always" (Spanish)

WHERE: Everywhere

WHY: It's my gift, my "raison d'etre", my personal reason for being.

1) Look for the Lessons
2) Share the Insights
3) Equip Others With Training and Tools
4) Foster Deeper Personal Connections
5) Promote Universal Understanding
6) Protect What's Precious
7) Live Generously

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