Thursday, March 28, 2013

Seeking Savvy Servers (Upscale Charlotte Restaurant)

Hi All -

One of the things that I'm (surprisingly) very good at is connecting good people to good jobs. I've had a half dozen recent successes and it feels like a great way to give back to my professional network too.

Today I rec'd an email from a friend who owns an upscale Charlotte restaurant. I won't give away too much here (because I'm sure she doesn't want her competition to know how well she is doing), but if you know of an educated, polished, food and beverage person - tell them to email me for the details at and to use the SUBJECT LINE: SAVVY SERVER so I'll know it's about this opportunity.

Here's a little bit more about the opening(s):

Dear Friends,

Hopefully you have met our brand new corporate relations manager, XYZ by now!
His job has been to keep us filled up with corporate business…we did not anticipate such a huge success, so quick!

We are now scrambling to find, hire and train qualified servers for lunch and dinner shifts at XXX
(Our current service staff is earning over 50K based on 3 lunches and 5 dinners…most make more)

Minimum qualifications include verbal and written communication skills, passing background and drug test and a very rigorous interview process.

(we do not want any cry babies, whiners, complainers or trouble-makers…I fill those positions myself and thru nepotism)

Seriously though…we are in need.  If you can refer anyone, please direct them to me via telephone or email.
Please make sure they let us know who recommended them, so I can reciprocate!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Japanese Salt Artist Motoi Yamamoto in Charlotte

Last month the uptown location of the MINT MUSEUM hosted Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto to create an original 20x20 organic work of art made entirely of salt.

At the conclusion of his work, the public was invited to "participate" by stepping into the artwork and collecting a small baggie of salt to take with them (and later deposit into a natural body of water at any point on the globe.) See all the pictures here.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Duke Energy Building - Ever Wonder How They Choose the Color?

I've always wondered about the significance of the color shown along the edges of Charlotte's Duke Energy Building and I finally found the answer today!

Duke Energy Center lights

Since its opening in 2010, the Duke Energy Center, owned and operated by Wells Fargo, has brought a burst of color to the Charlotte skyline and provided another means of "energizing" support for a multitude of wonderful community events – from national holidays and events like Race for the Cure, to Panthers games, to cultural and arts gatherings and beyond.

Wells Fargo built the Duke Energy Center to serve its business needs, and the building is a physical representation of the company’s commitment to Charlotte. As part of the design process, Wells Fargo incorporated special features into the building, like the lights, as a way to visually connect the company’s vision and values directly with the community. The lights provide a vibrancy that reflects the heartbeat of the community – and they do so in a very energy-efficient way.

All of the Duke Energy Center’s exterior lights are 100% LED and uses dramatcially less than 1% of the energy consumed by the building (LED lights consume 30% less energy than a standard light). These highly efficient lights also contribute to the building’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification. The Duke Energy Center is the first and tallest office tower to receive this designation under the LEED for Core & Shell rating system Version 2.0. LEED Platinum is the highest possible standard of sustainability and energy efficiency that a building can achieve through the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED program.

Wells Fargo’s Lighting Committee accepts requests to light the Duke Energy Center at If a request is approved, a Tweet will be sent out on the day of the light show through the lights’ official Twitter handle, @WellsLightsCLT, to let followers know what the day’s color scheme represents. The lights are turned on at 5:00 a.m. and go off 30 minutes after sunrise, then turn back on 30 minutes before sunset and remain on until 1:30 a.m. every day. On those rare occasions when there are no special requests, the building defaults to white lights with a three minute color-changing "show" at the top of each hour. The response from the Charlotte community to these popular light shows has been tremendous, and followers of @WellsLightsCLT often re-Tweet messages sent from the handle to show their support for the various causes reflected by the lights.

Wells Fargo’s Duke Energy Center has a lot to celebrate, from its own accolades – including being named the "Smartest Building in America," as well as being one of the most sustainable buildings in the country – to its support of local events and organizations through its light shows.

We are proud to actively support the Duke Energy Smart Energy Now program by ensuring that lights are on a schedule and leveraging the most energy efficient lighting available. Wells Fargo is proud to be a community partner and welcomes organizations to participate by submitting requests to help celebrate community events. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MKTG Observation - Hoovers Website Offers a Friendly and Engaging Voice

I love marketing and I'm always impressed when a "buttoned up" heritage company like HOOVERS uses a real human "voice" in their messaging.

This floating "chat box" pops up and offers extra help to the not-yet-logged-in browser . . .

Then it gets more aggressive and humorous, finally ending up as the image you see above.